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        Surprise Birthday Celebration for Our Foreign Friends

        作者:FoShan Exprimental School 來源:This site original 發布時間:2010年12月28日

         It is possible that December 1st is a normal day for many of us, but for the foreign teachers, Lucy and Maikke, it is a very special day. The students and teachers of Foshan Experimental School threw a surprise celebration for their beloved friends.
            On the morning of December 1st, their and Maikke, the foreign teachers, were walking into the office as usual, ready to take a rest after classes. Just as they started with a“Hi” to the teachers in the office, the teachers presented two big velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting and a wonderful birthday card with lots of blessings on it. “Happy birthday to you!” was said by all the teachers, looking at priceless gifts and seeing the smiling faces in front of them, Lucy and Maikke felt extremely happy. They were so excited that they expressed their gratitude and emotion by repeating“Thank you.” This was the first birthday celebration for both of them on foreign land. It is lucky that they were born on the same day. Their teaching in this school has earned the support and approval by the Chinese kids. Giving a gift is the perfect way to honor our friends. We wish them all the joy in life, with more birthdays to bring them more happiness.

        Maikke is celebrating her birthday cheer with her grade 6 kids

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