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        Ashley hopes for further UK-China culture exchanges

        [作者:宋奕章來自:本站原創點擊數: 發布時間:2012年10月16日文章錄入:黃海釗 ]
        Ashley Davis, vice chairman of the Medway U.K. and Changcheng-Foshan Friendship Association, as well as the chairman of Medway Dragon&Lion Dance Sports Association,visited our school on Oct. 8th, 2012.
        Ashley has developed great interest for China’s unique culture and he has been keen on spreading many British traditions to China. During his trip to our school, Ashley first had three oral English classes with Year One, Year Three and Year Five students respectively. Full of enthusiasm, he not only introduced to them the 2012 London Olympic Games, but also the 60th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth of UK. Then, accompanied by English student ambassadors, Ashley visited school campus and was amazed by the excellent school facilities. Afterwards, he had a pleasant talk with our English teachers. We talked about the culture differences and exchanged ideas on promoting communication. “I, my families and my friends have organized lots of Chinese festivals in UK, like the New Year Celebration, I want more British to know about China and enjoy more of the glamour of the Chinese culture.” He said.
        Thank you for Ashley’s visit and we hope his visit will lift UK-China culture and communication to a new level.
        Principal Huang and English teachers meets Ashley in Central Playground.
        Happy faces, memories forever.
        Ashley visits Art Gallery
        Ashley had class with Year One students
        Ashley had class with Year Three students
        Ashley had class with Year five students
        Pleasant communication with English teachers