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        “Classical English and Multicultural Inspiration”——An English Festival Held by Foshan Experimental School In 2011

        [作者:Ivy來自:本站原創點擊數: 發布時間:2012年03月20日文章錄入:黃海釗 ]
        As the international connections become more and more frequent, Foshan Experimental School held an English Festival. This provided a platform for our students to deepen the immersion into the culture. It strengthened the education for international understanding, and most importantly, gave students chances to show and improve themselves. The theme of the English Festival was “Classical English and Multicultural Inspiration”.
        The life of Charles Dickens, recitation of English poems, and traditional classic English story were performed alternately during the show. Students would demonstrate their talents by reciting poems, singing, and dancing. They would also use musical play and drama.
        The English festival drew the curtain with a show of Santa Claus. After that, more wonderful shows were being performed on stage one by one. The Christmas Carol was full of philosophy; the dancing party was amazing and colorful; the poem named Mother Mary which, sincerely expressed love from mothers was very impressive. The shows were not only a visual feast but also an instructive life lesson.
        The English festival ended with a song named Do Re Mi. The leaders and teachers from Foshan Experimental School paid reverence to the student’s parents for their continued support and understanding.
        Let us look forward to the next English Festival!