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        A Visit from the NZ Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circle

        [作者:Sunny來自:本站原創點擊數: 發布時間:2011年03月29日文章錄入:admin ]

         On March 14, 2011, Ms. Shen, president of the NZ Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circle, visited our school.
            Accompanied by Principal Huang Liping, Ms. Shen visited the school text corridor, art gallery, playground and school history room.  Later she gave her full recognition of the school facilities. During a visit to campus, Ms. Shen greatly appreciated the courtesy and enthusiasms of all the children attending Foshan Experimental School.
            In the meeting room, after listening to the brief introduction of school  development and education philosophy given by principal Huang, Ms Shen spoke highly of our efforts in cultivating the children’s overall abilities. Ms. Shen said: " Auckland is the international culture center of New Zealand as well as a garden city which is rich in a historical culture. We welcome chinese students to study in our country and I hope more New Zealand students will visit your school in the future.  I believe communication between children will promote cultural exchange and development of our two countries!"

        Guests take pictures in center square with teachers

        Principal Huang introduces text corridor to guests

        Visit art gallery

        Guests take pictures in front of the Happy Face Wall

        Guests take pictures with children

        Principal Huang introduces school development and education philosophy to guests

        Ms. Shen exchanges education ideas with teachers

        Have a friendly communication