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        The English Reading Festival

        [作者:FoShan Exprimental School來自:This site original點擊數: 發布時間:2010年12月28日文章錄入:admin ]

         On December 25th, The "English Reading Festival" was held in the stadium at Foshan Experimental School. Learning English is the gateway in helping us to move toward in the world. In order to raise the interest of studying English, the students, English teachers and the sixth-grade teachers, planned the English festival together. This provided the students with a platform to communicate and perform in English. Additionally, it allowed the students to experience multiculturalism.
            In the English Festival, all Grade Six students participated in the performances, a text from a story book, English poetry recitations, dance performances, fashion shows and other Halloween shows. Leaders, parents and teachers once again saw their talents, not only through their English pronunciation and intonation, but also their fluency and acting abilities. Parents and teachers were cheering for them. They now look forward to the students future study and various activities with outstanding performances!

        The English drama      Freddy Finds the Thief

        Performances included:

        The English poem reading

        The fashion show on Halloween

        The Father Christmas